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Past Featured Products

AirVantage Warren Rupp Diaphragm Pumps
Reduces air consumption by up to 50%
Adapts to process conditions automatically
Powered only by compressed air
Saves energy while maintaining flow
Increases productivity
Reduces compressor maintenance
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Intended for industrial users of traditional ANSI pumps, the Multi-stage CR-H provides an ANSI dimensional solution that will drop into an existing pump and puping footprint offering optimized duty points to maximize pump efficiency and minimize internal wear.
Mechanical seal failures account for more than 75 percent of all pump failures. Besides parts and labor, production downtime can further increase costs associated with seal changes. In a traditional ANSI pump, the entire back pullout assembly must be removed from the base plate and transported to a maintenance shop where the pumpís seal is replaced. This process can take several hours.
CRH cartridge seal can be replaced right on the spot without pump removal, disassembly, or pump-to-motor alignment, and be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

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PACO type KP, horizontal split case, double suction, centrifugal pumps are available with a wide selection of metallurgical and mechanical options to meet specific pumping requirements. Pump casings are horizontally split at the shaft centerline to simplify inspections and maintenance. Impellers are dynamically and hydraulically balanced. All PACO Type KP pumps are equipped with cartridge type bearing housings for ease of maintenance. Type KP split case pumps are available with packing and a variety of mechanical shaft seals.

Sizes to 12"
Flows to 12,750 GPM
Heads to 700 ft.
Horsepower to 5000


Viking Universal Mag Drive Pump

Viking Pumpsí line of Universal Mag Drive series adds a sealless option to the Universal Series Pumps. Dimensionally interchangeable with Vikingís most popular Heavy Duty packed and sealed pumps, the Universal Mag Drive Series provides a proven simple solution for upgrading existing pumps.  This sealless pump features a thrust-controlled design that allows short-term run-dry capabilities and bi-directional pump operation for enhanced application flexibility.

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